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Catalan textiles and clothing trade fair goes international

Several European brands from countries such as Sweden, Italy and Norway have already shown their intention of visiting BSTIM.

19th January 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Igualada

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear, Knitted Accessories, Collections

Organisers of BSTIM, the Catalan textiles and clothing trade fair have announced that the exhibition will now be held every two years to suit sector demands. The third edition of BSTIM which will be held from 22-23 February 2017 in Igualada, Spain’s knitted textiles capital, has consolidated itself not only because of the large number of exhibitors that equals those of the previous editions but also for the raised international interest in the event.

Several European brands from countries such as Sweden, Italy and Norway have already shown their intention of visiting BSTIM, and the number of registered international buyers, from brands, large distributors or designers is also expected to increase in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the organizers of BSTIM – Fira d’Igualada, the textile group FAGEPI and the Council of Igualada, have signed a collaboration agreement with the Portuguese Textile Association (ATP) that will allow BSTIM to promote itself at Modtissimo fair which is being held in Porto (Portugal) on 15 and 16 February. The following week a representation of Portuguese textile manufacturers will have their place at the BSTIM fairground.

The agreement has other exchanges and collaborations in mind in order to jointly attract the production of important brands that up to now have been producing in Asia and offer them the possibility of manufacturing ‘in proximity’. The agreement with the Portuguese association ATP is one more act of internationalization that aims to project the Catalan textile fair as a European reference in knitted fabrics and garments.

BSTIM to become biannual

Oraganisers said in a statement that BSTIM is to become a biannual event from now on. “As the consolidation point has been reached and the targets of the exhibitors for the 2017 edition achieved the organization of the fair BSTIM has decided to hold it biannually which is the frequency that had already been planned by the initial development plan although it was meant to be held annually on the first years in order for it to find its own place in the sector,” they said.

The exhibitors themselves are said to have asked for the fair to be held every two years. “In only a year the industrial sector does not incorporate enough novelties and the manufacturing enterprises do not generate new capacities or services to be introduced to brands and distributors,” organisers explained. “In fact, some exhibitors already came every two years.”

With this decision BSTIM adequates itself to a sector, the textile market, where fairs are usually held every two or even four years, such is the case of the fairs of textile machinery like Techtextil. In fact, Fira d’Igualada, with great experience in the organization of industrial fairs, holds Maqpaper every two years precisely to adapt to the dynamics of the sector.”

Finally, the organization foresees a better concentration of international buyers and an increase in the number of exhibitors holding the fair every two years because, it says, the event will become “an appointment never to be missed in every calendar”.

During years when BSTIM is not being held, the Fira will organize different activities to help promote the BSTIM brand and its exhibitors in relevant sectorial events.

BSTIM - the reference fair in Europe

The textile fair BSTIM (Best Solutions in Textile Manufacturing) is organized by Fira d'Igualada and the textile group FAGEPI with the support of the Council of Igualada. Its main purpose is to promote “textile manufacturing of proximity” or homegrown manufacturing and strengthen the local industry. The third edition will be held on 22 and 23 February 2017 at the Old Slaughterhouse building in Igualada.

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