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Sandonini introduces Mask One Piece technology

The company has developed a range of ready to wear one-piece masks, which can be made on machines it has specially converted for the purpose

30th March 2020

Knitting Industry
 |  Bedizzole, Brescia


© Sandonini.

The Italian Sandonini company, a marketer and convertor of used hosiery and circular knitting machines, reports it is making its textile technology available in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has developed a range of ready to wear one-piece masks, which can be made on machines it has specially converted for the purpose.

“We have studied and created the mask one piece. With our experienced and professional technicians, we have rebuilt, reconverted and updated the machines for hosiery and circular knitting into machines for mask in one piece,” says Sadonini founder Fiorenzo Sandonini.

The ready to wear masks can be produced using natural fibre yarns, ecological yarns, antibacterial fibre-based yarns and stretch fibre-based yarns. They suit perfectly to your face without irritating the skin and are soft for more sensitive and delicate skin. They are elasticized to fit your head and sit gently on your ears.”

“The masks are made from double layer fabric to be more resistant and they have a tubular pocket where you can insert a filter or additional fabric for better prevention.”

© Sandonini.

© Sandonini.

The masks can be customised with designs, colours or logos and can be washed like normal apparel.  We continue our studies for research & development of textile machinery technologies at the service of health,” Mr Sandonini said.

Sandonini’s mask technology has been developed for specially converted four feed electronically controlled single cylinder socks knitting machines, in 4-inch diameter, from 200-400 needles. The company says that the knit time for each mask is 45 seconds.

A series of knitted structures is recommended plain fabric, run proof, micromesh, net, reinforced band , reinforced & floated patterns and the machine has a sinker cap with step motor, motorized dial arm with vertical movement through step motor for unlimited height positions, stitch cams with independent variable profile system and plating control yarns fingers system.

In addition, the machines have the following features:

·      Electronic needles & needles selection on 4 feeds programmable & variable stitch cam lowering in different areas by stepping motor on each feed

·      All functions electronically controlled

·      Programming styles & size, patterns editing & stitch cam lowering by personal computer and powerful graphic software for windows environment

·      Keyboard with graphic display for selection of style, size , patterns and other function

·      Pre-setting and programming for different kinds of yarns feeding device

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