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29th May 2014, Shanghai

Santoni to show four machine ranges with new models in Shanghai

Santoni, the leading Italian seamless machine manufacturer, will be showcasing its four ranges of circular knitting machines under the Ever in Knit theme at the ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014 exhibition that will be taking place from 16-20 June in Shanghai.

The company believes it is crucial for brands and factories in the textile industry to develop new solutions in order to meet the requirements for high productivity. The company is offering its Ever in Knit concept to show the importance of stimulating the growth of the knitting industry.

Fast and precise

SM8-FAST is Santoni’s new model, designed for high productivity of seamless garments such as underwear, outerwear, sportswear, beachwear and sanitary wear. It allows the realisation of fabrics on eight feeds of patterns, and is said to provide high definition and sharpness of the colour.

SM8 FAST. © Santoni

The specification of SM8-FAST includes the following parameters:

  • Eight needle by needle Santoni actuators with 16 level selection;
  • Eight sets LGL Mini VE feeders for synthetic yarns;
  • 10 sets BTSR Ultrafeeder feeders for elastomeric yarns;
  • 43 sets BTSR IS4N optical yarn breakage sensors;
  • Set of extractable cams;
  • Double trapper on 1,3,4,5,7,8 feeds + triple trappers on 2,6 feeds;
  • 100 mm ejection tube+new designed bell;
  • New saw/cutter assembly;
  • New HIE electronic with colour keyboard and monochromatic back lighted screen.

Lightweight and high quality

In the large diameter area, the company also wants to show visitors to the trade fair the different fabric that can be achieved on Pulsar standard gauge and fine gauge with high quality.

Pulsar is a robust machine with 2.8 feeds per diametrical inch, which is suitable for the production of interlock and eight lock structured fabric. The machine can reach up to four cam tracks on the cylinder and two on dial. It is available with tubular as well as with open width frame.

Cam boxes are lightweight, made with a special aluminium alloy called ergal that is said to have great heat dissipation properties. According to the manufacturer, Ergal is able to avoid dimensional changes due to the variation of temperature between the starting and the regular running of the machine.

Flexible and compact

Another focus at the ITMA ASIA will be the company’s innovative circular sweater knitting machine Mecmor CMP, an improved and updated version of Mecmor 1800, which is now said to be more compact, economical and flexible.

MEC-mor. © Santoni

The machine possesses some new features like the ability to increase the production volume as feeds are no more segregated in terms of knit stitches or transfer stitches. Each of the feed in the new model is totally inbuilt and can be adjusted as per the selection.

The company believes that this machine range will offer an alternative to flat knitting machines for outwear and sweater in terms of more profitable production.

Energy saving

At the exhibition visitors will also be able to see the latest model of the Lonati socks machine with Toe Closing, as well as the Santoni’s newly designed socks machine Star D, which is based on the structure and features of the previous model HT but works with a new Dinema electronic control and uses the Digraph 3 Plus software.

It knits with two feeds and has needles on the dial. The machine comes in four diameters: 3” ½ - 4”- 4” ½ - 5”. The main machine motor is a hollow shaft type integrated with cylinder housing. This solution is said to eliminate the need for transmission between the motor and the cylinder thereby reducing friction and energy consumption.

Star-D can be equipped with an automatic toe closing system, a classic automatic linking system performed on a separate device positioned on the side of the machine.


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