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Shima Seiki Fashion Tech Webinar: Knitted accessory 3D simulation

On 27th of October Shima Seiki presented the 4th webinar in its tech series, this time focussing on simulating 3D samples for knitted accessories.

10th November 2021

Knitting Industry
 |  Online

Knitwear, Knitted Accessories

Data within Shima’s unique Apex 4 software is created based on exact numbers of stitches, enabling life like simulations of knitted fabrics and garments, including accessories such as hats, scarves and socks. Real scanned yarns can be used within simulations, achieving realistic drape and surface texture expression.

APEX 4 is the most recent version of Shima’s integrated software programme, whilst users can also access the software remotely with APEXFiz. During their webinar, Shima demonstrated how to design, and 3D simulate knitted hats and other knitted accessories.

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