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Flat Knitting

Steiger launches Stitch Lab

In the Stitch Lab Steiger will develop 3D articles for knitwear, for medical applications and for the composite materials.

10th March 2017

Knitting Industry
 |  Vionnaz

Knitwear, Knitted Outerwear

Swiss flat knitting machine manufacturer Steiger has launched a new facility called Stitch Lab, for experts in knitting and programming to work together with clients on developing their future applications.

In the Stitch Lab, Steiger technicians and their partners will work together on exploring Steiger’s MODEL+ 3D simulation software. Thanks to the virtual knitting machine function, the creation of the stitches, row by row is simulated and so the programmer can detect potential knitting problems early in the creation of the garment. They can also navigate into the product to inspect the sample. A wizard composed of three simple steps is designed to help users to easily program their knitwear.

Powerful tool

“The Stitch Lab is a very powerful tool to develop the future applications. In the Stitch Lab Steiger will develop 3D articles for knitwear, for medical applications and for the composite material,” commented Pierre-Yves Bonvin, CEO of Steiger.

“We will use all our expertise and innovation capability to create new patterns and 3D parts using any kind of yarns. In the Stitch Lab we have put together the best experts, the best machines and the best framework to boost the innovation.”

Knitting machines

In a dedicated area at its headquarters, the full range of the most advanced Steiger machines will be available, such as the Libra 3.130, the New Aries 3.130 and the C2.185 SCP.

The Taurus 2.170 XP, 3D flat knitting machine which offers the possibility to knit complete garment knitwear with Intarsia patterns, will demonstrate its extraordinary capabilities, the company says. The Taurus 2.170 XP machine contains two innovations patented by Steiger: the compound needle and the storage punch. This unique construction has been developed to allow complete garment knitting with intarsia, multilayer knitting, and complex weft knitting.

The Antares 3.130 contains some of Steiger’s equipment’s recognised strengths, such as the take-down and the open carriage. New features, such as the independent motorised clamps, the vertically and horizontally motorised yarn-guides, have been developed, making the equipment user-friendly and easy to use, the manufacturer reports.


Steiger is a renowned flat knitting machine manufacturer based in Vionnaz, Switzerland. Founded in 1947, the company has been part of the CiXing group since 2010 and employs approximately 100 people worldwide. It is a technology leader for industrial knitting machines used for technical and medical products and in the fashion world, it is recognised for the quality of its stitch and for its Intarsia machines.

Steiger delivers its products worldwide through an experienced sales and extended service network. A corporate culture based on innovation and a partnership with CiXing group has enabled Steiger to remain a technology leader in the flat knitting industry.

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