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3rd February 2011, Reutlingen

Stoll Trend Collection Europe Spring/Summer 2012

Stoll SS Xll collectionGerman flat knitting machine builder Stoll has launched its Trend Collection Europe Spring/Summer 2012..

Between worlds


We are torn between the concurrence of technical progress in our private lives and the desire for naturalness and sustainability. On one hand, we enjoy electronic high-end products and on the other hand, we welcome an ecological way of life and seek for moments of leisure in an intact natural environment. Witness of this clash is apparent in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar, where a highly sophisticated human society meets the spiritual strength of indigenous people.

This season, Stoll’s Trend Collection Spring/Summer 2012 enters into this tension zone and navigates between worlds.

During the preliminary collection’s research work, we got inspired by these native people and their spiritual strength, manual skills and natural resources. The counter pole, however, was achieved and symbolized by our hi-tech machines.

Stoll SS Xll collectionAesthetic characteristics of tribal clothes like leather, fur, cotton and bast fibres have been partially morphed into modern materials. We have knitted leather, bast fibres and elastic polyurethane fibres along with multifilament yarns, fringe yarns, yarns with different gauges, coarse cords and extremely fine yarns. The diversified palette of materials stands for contrariety being present in both worlds.

In the process, we have interpreted the look of handicraft techniques such as macramé, patchwork and stitching with state-of-the-art Stoll technology. The results are open and net-veined structures, multilayered knitted coats and multi gauges decorated with feathers and fringe applications. Graphical patterns refer to body drawings and fancy stitch optics.

The technical and aesthetic challenge of this collection was to work with something different, including some rather unconventional materials for the practice of knitting. A haptic sample  nclosed in this edition gives evidence.

Go out of your way and chart new paths with regard to material selection - cross new frontiers and discover something extraordinary.

Juggle and capitalize on the possibilities of the modern knitting machine – its performance is the standard by which progress between worlds can and will be measured.

Stoll SS Xll collection

Download Stoll Trend Collection Europe Spring/Summer 2012

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