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Shima Seiki
Shima Seiki

13th March 2014, Brescia

Thermo-Twin technology from Busi

Italian sock knitting machine builder Busi Giovanni has expanded the applications of its Twin Layer machine with the production of a sock called Thermo-Twin which is said to offer the wearer high levels of thermal insulation and comfort.

Busi Thermo-TwinCombining the double-layer technology of its Busi Twin Layer machine with terry knitting capability, the company has recently developed the quilted Thermo-Twin sock. “Thanks to the consistent quantity of air trapped between the two layers and the obtained micro-cushons, such sock guarantees an extremely high thermal insulation, what makes it absolutely perfect for any outdoor purposes,” Busi explains.

The Twin Layer machine is based on the same technology as the Brescia-based company's well established Idea Terry system but also uses the dial needles and a special patented device, which is integrated in the dial itself, to produce the double layer.

The Busi Twin Layer cylinder and dial machine can knit a football sock with integrally knitted pocket for housing shin guards. As it is based on the 404 Idea Terry machine, the Twin Layer has all the same knitting possibilities as the original machine. In addition to this, using the dial needles and a special patented device which is integrated in the dial itself, the machine can produce double layer socks.

It is also possible to knit two fabrics at the same time on the Twin Layer, one inside the other. The external sock is produced in the conventional way on the cylinder needles while the internal sock is knitted by the dial needles.

It is also possible to knit socks with the double layer in a selected part of the sock, for example only in the sole and/or in the heel. An interesting application is the possibility to create pouches inside the socks, like for example the shin-pad holding pouch attached inside a football sock as previously shown by Busi.

Busi Twin Layer is sold mainly in Italy and certain South American countries like Brazil where the machine is used to produce football socks. Busi was given approval by the Italian Federation of Football for the use of its football sock with integrally knitted pocket for housing shin guards in 2009.

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