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18th April 2012, Bologna

Tinarelli upgrades Micropack SL-G

The Micropack SL-G’s loading system can be manual or automatic and labelling and direct printing to carton is also possible.

Italian company Tinarelli srl, a leader for many years in the construction and supply of boarding and packing machines to the hosiery sector, will be exhibiting at the ITM TEXPO EURASIA 2012 from the 21-24 April in Istanbul at the booth of its Turkish agent Teksel Tekstil.

On this occasion Tinarelli will be showing the updated version of its Micropack SL-G cartoning machine for the packing of folded pantyhose and knee-highs. Micropack SL-G is adjustable so that it can handle a range of carton sizes, with either front or back hanger.

The Micropack SL-G's loading system can be manual or automatic and labelling and direct printing to carton is also possible. Size pack change is said to be quick and easy and is made without the need to change any mechanical parts.

Product out-feed is for linking up to Tinarelli's wide range of collating and outer packaging machines.

Intermittent motion Cartoning Machine to pack folded knee highs or stockings into a carton. The machine is manually loaded by the operators directly into buckets positioned on a step belt and the product is fed into the carton by a mechanical pusher. The machine's loading area is suitable for two operators.

Product highlights

  • Completely adjustable machine
  • Easy and quick size-change - no need to change any part
  • Possibility to handle cartons with or without hanger
  • Label application or hot-press printing
  • Horizontal or vertical carton exit
  • The machine speed can be changed by a potentiometer positioned on the electric cabinet (the speed can be changed according to the product size)

The Micropack SL-G is available in two formats:

SLG120 - Max speed : Up to 50 cartons/minute (depending on the product to be packed)

SLG185 - Max speed : Up to 40 cartons/minute (depending on the product to be packed)

Tinarelli has manufactured machines for the textiles sector for more than 45 years and is a recognised leader in the socks and hosiery markets.   

Download the Micropack SL-G brochure

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