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17th December 2009

Tinarreli Packaging Machines: CF7 Full Boarding Machine

Tinarelli CF7Full boarding machine for knee-highs and stay-up stockings without silicon

The machine is of monobloc construction using high-tech components. All settings and electronic functions are made from the touch screen control panel in a very easy way.

The machine is complete with 12 sets of forms

Fast and easy forms changing

Option to use Foot or Straight forms

Automatic guide to fold the tights with fold and gusset fixing

Steam chamber with low energy consumption. Pressure up to 2.5 bar

High performance drying chamber with steam that allows perfect drying

Optional: Programmable basket for tights collection at machine exit

Click on image for further details and full technical specification


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  • Amy 28th January 2014 16:38PM

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