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You knit, we take care of your needlebeds

Billy Hunter

Italian company H2G is on a mission to revolutionise needlebed cleaning for flat knitting and other sectors.

13th July 2023

Billy Hunter
 |  Milan


Under the motto ‘We know how to take care of your needlebeds’, Italian company H2G Ltd. showed a range of innovative needlebed cleaning machines aimed primarily at the flat knitting sector, at last month’s ITMA 2023 in Milan. Modena based H2G was founded in 2014 by Marcello Galiotto, who has been involved in the flat knitting machine business since the 1970s.

“Our historic experience in knitwear led us to the conception and subsequently to the design and production of the innovative needlebed washing machine H2G with its patented high technology (not ultrasonic technology), which allows the cleaning of needlebeds of flat knitting machines of any brand,” Lorenzo Galiotto, son of the founder, told Knitting Industry.

Starting from the idea of a completely automatic machine which ensures fast and efficient cleaning of needlebeds without dismantling them, Marcello Galiotto has revolutionised the concept of water cleaning, until now associated with the word – rust.

In less than an hour your needlebeds will be like new, you just have to put them back in the knitting machine

The H2G cleaning technology thoroughly mixes together demineralised water with a specific cleaner and antioxidant product. The company has found an ideal formula for better and safer cleaning, that is compatible with the metal features and components of the needlebeds.

Thinking big

H2G originally developed a machine to offer a needlebed cleaning service to local knitwear manufacturers in the Modena area. However, after demand for the service soared, the company began to think big and decided to produce and commercialise a patented and innovative machine on a large scale.

The subsequent success of the machine has attracted a lot of international attention and has led to prestigious collaborations all over the world. H2G’s official distributors include, Shima Seiki Hong Kong for the Asian market, Shima Seiki and H2G dealer Brastema for Brazil and Ecuador, and Kitech, the Shima Seiki agent for Austria and Germany. Although H2G’s needlebed cleaning machines are suitable for any brand of flat knitting machine, they are especially popular with Shima users, due to the particular construction of the Japanese company’s needlebeds.

Provision of technical assistance is guaranteed by H2G’s collaborators, and directly by its own technicians. The company says it is always ready to meet customer needs, anywhere in the world and its multi-language office is always available to provide information and assistance.

H2G 3.0

The H2G 3.0 classic needlebed washing machine allows the cleaning of any type of needlebed, without disassembling the needles and elements. With its three-metre working width it can also be used to wash multiple needlebeds simultaneously.

The H2G 3.0 classic needlebed washing machine. © H2G

This is possible thanks to the H2G 3.0’s solid stainless steel structure and its intuitive and easy to use software, which automatically detects the size of the needlebed and takes care of the deep cleaning of the spaces between the needles.

“In less than an hour your needlebeds will be like new, you just have to put them back in the knitting machine,” Lorenzo Galiotto explains.

H2G needlebed cleaning detail. © H2G

According to Galiotto, the patented spray technology, together with the strength of the steel, ensures impeccable performance and needlebeds of every gauge and size come back like new, washed and dried in less than an hour. The user can choose the most suitable cycle - light, medium, or heavy - according to the condition of the needlebeds.

A filter inside H2G 3.0 is designed to collect impurities and allows the same liquid to be reused several times, up to a maximum of 20 working hours with a full tank. This helps save time and money.

WHOLEGARMENT needlebed washing machine

The cooperation between H2G and Shima Seiki has also given rise to the development of the new H2G 4.0, which is said to be the only needlebed washing machine designed to meet the specific cleaning needs of the most complex MACH2X, MACH2XS and SWG Mini WHOLEGARMENT machine needlebeds.

H2G 4.0 WHOLEGARMENT needlebed washing machine. © H2G

The H2G 4.0 cleans WHOLEGARMENT needlebeds in around one hour. With enhanced interface and tilted monitor, the new H2G 4.0 allows one finger operation with little chance of error.

H2G needlebed cleaning detail. © H2G

“With H2G 4.0 also the WHOLEGARMENT needlebeds find new life. H2G and Shima Seiki have developed washing programs and auxiliary tools (Shima Jigs) specific to them,” says Lorenzo Galiotto.

H2G Junior

The H2G Junior is a compact machine for use in small spaces, which cleans needlebeds up to 168 cm in length. “Knowing how many people use compact knitting machines, we have created the H2G Junior. ideal for those with little time and space. In just 20 minutes, it thoroughly cleans any type of needlebed, even between the needles,” Lorenzo Galiotto explains.

The H2G Junior is a compact needlebed washing machine for use in small spaces. © H2G

Thanks to the H2G Junior’s easy to use software, the machine automatically detects the needlebed dimensions and personalises the washing cycle. “Change the size, but not the performance. H2G Junior guarantees impeccable cleaning of needlebeds up to 168 cm in length,” adds Galiotto.

“In just 20 minutes, H2G Junior washes and dries any needlebed you have. You do not have to remove the needles and do not worry about the gauge or the brand.”

H2G Robot

The H2G Robot is a robotic lifter for removing needlebeds from the knitting machine to the cleaning machine and vice versa. The intuitive lifter is easy to use and eliminates the need for manual labour, ensuring the easy and safe movement of high value needlebeds.

H2G Robot is a robotic lifter for removing needlebeds. © Knitting Industry

The H2G Robot has a small footprint and is designed to work in tight spaces. It also differs from other lifters in that it can rotate needlebeds through 360°. The robustly built lifter is also CE EN ISO 12100 certified.

H2G Spin for hosiery and socks knitting machines

The latest addition to H2G’s range of cleaning machines is the H2G Spin, a machine aimed at the small diameter socks and hosiery circular knitting machine sector.

“The new cylinder washing machine is designed to be precise and fast. Its technology allows it to get clean even among the most hidden needles, in fact you will not have to do anything else but remove the cylinder from your machine and put it inside H2G Spin, it will know how to take care of it,” Lorenzo Galiotto explains.

The H2G Spin’s software is easy to use and the machine automatically rotates the cylinder, takes its dimensions and selects the most suitable washing cycle. In just 30 minutes cylinders will come back to life again, says H2G. The smart head combined with the rotation of the cylinder, allows it to thoroughly clean even between the dirtiest needles.

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