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Circular Knitting Machines - Cylinders

Used Knitting Machines

Circular Knitting - Cylinders (Cylinders for Circular Knitting Machines)

Circular knitting machines have either a single needle bed in the form of a cylinder (single jersey machines) or they have a cylinder with a dial bed mounted above when they are capable of knitting double jersey fabrics. Cylinder needles are normally vertically arranged and dial needles are normally horizontally arranged. The tricks (cut grooves) in the cylinder and dial house the needles and can be set to different gaiting for producing different fabrics.

Second hand cylinders for circular knitting machines (used cylinders for circular knitting machines) are available from a wide range of cylinder manufacturers.

Circular knitting machines are made in a range of diameters ranging from under one inch up to 60 inches or more and in a wide range of gauges. Cylinders are often changed on certain types of machines in the production environment in order to change the gauge of fabric the machine is to produce.

Some sellers offer used cylinders as standalone items for circular knitting machines already in production or along with used circular knitting machines as spare parts.

Circular knitting machine cylinders are offered by sellers for some of the leading circular knitting machine manufacturers, such as: Mayer & Cie, Germany; Terrot, Germany; Pai Lung, Taiwan; Vignoni, Italy; Pilotelli, Italy; Monarch, USA; Fukuhara, Japan; Orizio, Italy. Other used circular knitting machine brands catered for include Camber, Albi, Morat, Bentley and Wildt.