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Circular Knitting Machines - Single Jersey

Used Knitting Machines

Circular Knitting - Single Jersey (Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines)

This used knitting machinery category covers all types and makes of single jersey circular knitting machines sometimes known as just single jersey machines. Single jersey machines are known as single knit machines in the USA and elsewhere. . Second hand single jersey knitting machines (used single jersey knitting machines) are available from a wide range of circular knitting machine builders.

Circular knitted single jersey fabric often referred to as just single jersey or plain knit fabric is a weft knitted fabric constructed with one needle cylinder and one set of needles on a circular knitting machine. However, the single jersey family of knitted structures includes terry, plaited, striped, crepe, jacquard, fleece and plush fabrics all produced on one set of needles.

The range of used single jersey circular knitting machines covered here runs from simple mechanically controlled machines for plain fabrics through to sophisticated electronically controlled jacquard machines. Single jersey knitting machines come in a wide range of gauges and diameters for a wide range of applications.

Leading single jersey machine manufacturers include: Mayer & Cie, Germany; Terrot, Germany; Pai Lung, Taiwan; Vignoni, Italy; Pilotelli, Italy; Monarch, USA; Fukuhara, Japan; Orizio, Italy. The global market for used single jersey knitting machinery is also dominated by these brands. Other used circular knitting machine brands available include Camber, Albi, Morat, Bentley and Wildt.