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Seamless Knitting Machines

Used Knitting Machines

Seamless (Circular Seamless Knitting Machines)

This Used Machinery Circular Seamless Knitting Machines category covers the range of circular seamless knitting machines available in the used knitting machinery market.

Second hand circular seamless knitting machines (used circular seamless knitting machines) are available from a wide range of circular seamless knitting machine builders.

Machines for the production of seamless underwear, intimate apparel, sportswear, athletic wear, casual wear, shapewear, bodyshapers/ medical garments and outerwear are referred to as seamless machines, seamless knitting machines, circular seamless knitting machines or Santoni seamless machines in reference to the dominant Italian machine builder Santoni.

The circular seamless knitting machine has been pioneered by Santoni and can basically be classified as single jersey seamless or double jersey seamless machines. Electronically controlled, seamless machines usually have either 4 or 8 feeds and are available in a wide range of gauges and a range of body size diameters.

The dominant brand in the used seamless machine market is Santoni.