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Warp Knitting Machines

Used Knitting Machines

Warp Knitting Machines

The Used Machinery Warp Knitting Machines category covers the full range of warp knitting machines (tricot knitting machines (tricot machines) and raschel knitting machines (raschel machines)), crochet machines and warping machines for warp knitting. Tricot machines for example are used in sportswear, intimate apparel and in backing fabrics for artificial leathers. Raschel machines are used to produce lace fabrics for lingerie and net curtains but are also used in other formats for technical textiles applications.

Second hand warp knitting machines (used warp knitting machines) are available from a range of warp knitting machine builders.

Warp knitting and crochet machines are used to produce a huge range of warp knitted fabrics (warp knits) for clothing, household textiles and technical textiles. Warp knitting machines are either single needle bar machines or double needlebar machines and are available in a wide range of gauges and widths, Modern machines are electronically controlled in terms of patterning, beam let-off and fabric take-up.

The range of new warp knitting and crochet machines available is wide and warp knitting machine manufacture is dominated by German machine builder Karl Mayer. Other warp knitting players are Germany's Liba and a number of Chinese manufacturers including Run Yuan. Crochet machines are built by Italy's Comez and Spain's Rius amongst others. The market for used warp knitting and crochet machines is dominated by the same manufacturers.