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Flat Knitting Machines

Used Knitting Machines

Flat Knitting Machines

This used knitting machinery category covers all kinds of flat knitting machines, also known as v-bed knitting machines, and fully fashioned machines which are also known as fully fashioned frames or Cotton's Patent machines. Second hand flat knitting machines (used flat knitting machines) are available from a wide range of flat knitting machine builders.

Flat knitting machines covered here, range from the simplest hand operated flat knitting machine through to the latest automatic electronically controlled flat knitting machine for making knitted garments (knitwear/ sweaters) in one piece without seams.

The range includes flat knitting machines for making trims or bands, accessories, gloves, hats, full width fabrics, shaped body and sleeve (fully fashioned) panels and complete garment or seamless knitwear.

Machines range from those able to knit only simple structures such as plain knitting through to flat knitting machines capable of knitting complex patterns and structures in multiple colours.

Flat knitting machines produce knitted fabrics in flat or open form, as distinguished from tubular fabrics made on circular knitting machines.

Flat knitting machines and fully fashioned machines are weft knitting machines. Weft knitting refers to fabrics produced where one continuous yarn runs crosswise in the fabric making all of the loops in one course. Both flat knitting machines and circular knitting machines make weft knitted fabrics.

Today, the leading manufacturers of flat knitting machines are Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd of Wakayama, Japan and H. Stoll GmbH & Co Kg of Reutlingen, Germany. The global market for used flat knitting machinery is also dominated by these two brands, although other brands such as Steiger, Switzerland are also available.