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Karl Mayer Used Knitting Machines

Karl Mayer

Karl Mayer is the world's leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines. The Obertshausen, Germany company manufactures tricot warp knitting machines (tricot machines), raschel knitting machines (raschel machines) and a range of warping machines (warpers) for both warp knitting preparation and weaving preparation.

Karl Mayer produces tricot machines for the production of clothing textiles, sportswear, lingerie, home textiles, automotive textiles and semi technical textiles; raschel machines for sportswear, lingerie and nets; double-bar raschel machines (double needle bar machines) for spacer fabrics, plush fabrics and net structures

For the lace and curtain markets Karl Mayer produces Jacquardtronic Lace machines, Textronic Lace machines and Multibar Raschel machines for top-quality elastic and inelastic lace as well as Rascheltronic machines for functional lingerie and apparel, Cliptronic machines and Jacquard Raschel machines for curtains.

For the production of technical textiles Karl Mayer produces warp knitting machines with parallel weft insertion for the production of high-strength textile structures and grids and Multiaxial and biaxial machines for fibreglass and carbon composites and stitch-bonding machines for the production of mechanically-reinforced nonwovens and composites.

In addition the company produces machines for the production of medical textiles, double-needle bar raschel machines for the production of plush fabrics, special machines for the production of seamless garments and lace-making machines.