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Lonati Used Knitting Machines


Italy's Lonati Group is the world's largest manufacturer of hosiery knitting machines and sock knitting machines. The Brescia based company manufactures all kinds of knitting machines for the production of socks and hosiery.

The three types of Lonati hosiery knitting machines in increasing order of complexity are single cylinder machines (single cylinder hosiery machines or pantyhose machines and single cylinder sock machines).

Fine gauge seamless stockings, hold-ups and tights (pantyhose) are knitted in plain knit on Lonati single cylinder hosiery machines whereas traditional socks in rib or links-links (purl) structures are knitted on Lonati double cylinder sock machines. Modern sports and casual socks are usually knitted on Lonati single cylinder sock machines with sinkers. Formal rib socks are knitted on Lonati cylinder and dial rib machines, which are also known as true-rib machines.

Lonati LA, Lonati Goal and Lonati Bravo are particularly well known and popular machine ranges.

The Lonati Group also owns the Santoni Group, a leading producer of knitting machinery including Santoni circular seamless knitting machines, Matec socks knitting machines, Mec-Mor circular garment length knitting machines and double needle bar warp knitting machines for the production of seamless garments. Lonati also owns Sangiacomo a leading producer of hosiery knitting machines and sock knitting machines.